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Momopeho's ECUADOR 2008: the sun's route country


PACHAMAMA: 13 days - 12 nights
EQUINOX: 9 days -8 nights
THREE PEARLS: 8 days - 7 nights
VOLCANOES & PLANES: 6 days - 5 nights
AMAZONIA ADVENTURE: 7 days - 6 nights
MOUNTAIN & SEA: 4 days - 3 nights
CUE- SOUTHīS CIRCUIT: 3 days - 2 nights
CUE- VALDIVIA: 6 days - 5 nights
CUE- TRANSANDEAN 6 days - 5 nights
CUE- ATAHUALPA 10 days - 9 nights
GYE- MORLACO: 3 days - 2 nights
GYE- SUNīS ROUTE: 5 days - 4 nights
GYE- TAITA: 5 days - 4 nights


  • The services described in each itinerary
  • Food plan listed in detail there, with full board understood as breakfast (according to the standard of each hotel), lunch, dinner and lodging; and half board as breakfast (according to the standard of each hotel), lunch -or- dinner, and lodging. It is understood that all meals will always be served to the whole group all together and at a pre-established time, with a pre-set menu.
  • Rooms with private bathrooms or private showers in the hotels indicated or similar hotels.
  • For the bus tours, assistance provided by a bilingual companion (Spanish – English) during the entire trip, from departure time until arrival back at the city where they started from or the destination city at the end of their bus tour, when the group is composed of 25 or more people. If the group is smaller than this, the tour shall be carried out only with a driver, who will follow the itinerary, including admissions tickets when necessary and specified in the itinerary. Bellhop service at the hotels, when offered by the hotel, with a limit of 1 piece of luggage per person.


  • Beverages during meals (unless specifically mentioned)
  • Tips, in general, for individuals, such as guides, drivers, local tour guides, bellhops, etc.
  • Shuttle service when not specifically indicated
  • Additional costs of any kind in the hotels.
  • International departure taxes at the Airport
  • Excess luggage
  • In general, no type of service or expense is included which is not duly specified in the itineraries, or, in general, no expense of a personal nature.
  • Other languajes Tour Guideīs supplement (French, German, Italian, etc) 

HOTELS : The hotels listed at the end of each tour are subject to change. In the event that the number of tour guests registered exceeds the number of rooms reserved for that tour, the tour coordinator must increase the number of reservations, the customers who will travel in the second bus and successive buses would be accommodated in the listed hotels or similar ones. In some cities, if a special event is taking place (such as national or local fairs, road blockades, etc.), customers may be accommodated in the surrounding areas.

The categories used to rate the hotels are in accordance with national standards and specifications. The Luxury Hotels and some First Class hotels fit perfectly into their category and usually they are based in the main cities. A careful selection has been made in the rest of the country, focusing mostly on the quality of service rather than the infrastructure.

Rooms are considered to be standard or normal. In some hotels, the room for three people may include two twin beds (Or one king-size bed) plus a roll-away bed.

COMPLEMENTS : Whenever customers request complementary services, such as special rooms (Suites, rooms with beach views, an extra bed, etc.), in the event that for whatever reason, the service providers are not able to facilitate these amenities, the Coordinator's sole obligation will be to refund the corresponding proportional amount already paid for that service, without any further claim by the customer. This rule shall be applied as well, if for any reason, any of the hotels do not provide private bathrooms or showers. Normally, the check-in time is established at 14:00 hours and the check-out time is from 11 o'clock on. It may be the case that the room is not ready at that time. If the guest wishes to extend their stay after the check-out time, the customer shall notify the front desk and pay the hotel directly for the amount of the additional stay.


a) TOURS : Upon registration, a 10 percent (10%) deposit of the total amount for the trip will be required, and the remainder must be paid 20 days prior to the departure date. Registrations are accepted up to 20 days prior to the start of the tour, unless there are available spaces. The registrations will be valid only upon final confirmation provided by SIGOR TRAVEL. The prices are based on the rates in force, and therefore, subject to change without prior notice.

b) GALAPAGOS, AMAZON REGION, OTHER PACKAGES : Each application form will indicate the deadline for the down payment (prepayment in full in most cases), depending on the number of days in advance that the reservation has been made. This is the only way to ensure that a reservation has been reconfirmed. Customers are strongly recommended to pay a minimum of 2 business days before this date, taking into account that delays may occur with money orders or international transfers.

CHARGES FOR CANCELLATION : In the event that an application that has been already confirmed is canceled, the following charges will apply:

Bus Tours

  • Cancellations made from 10 to 20 days prior to the start date of the trip will be charged 10% of the tour amount for cancellation expenses.
  • Cancellations made from 5 to 9 days prior to the start date of the trip will be charged 30% of the tour amount for cancellation expenses.
  • Cancellations made from 3 to 4 days prior to the start date of the trip will be charged 50% of the tour amount for cancellation expenses
  • Cancellations made up to 2 days prior to the start date of the trip and the failure to appear on the start date of the tour will be charged 100% of the tour amount for cancellation expenses.

Programs with airline rates, special flights and cruises or packages to Galapagos and/or the Amazon region

  • As these schedules are subject to special conditions, cancellations will result in fines that will be applied individually by each service provider.

Hotel Reservations

  • Usually, cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the arrival date will result in 25% of the reservation total being charged as a cancellation fee.
  • No-shows will be charged 100% of the total reservation amount for cancellation fees.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE.- Particularly but not exclusively in Galapagos and the Amazon Region, because these are high-demand and low-supply products, fees for cancellations are strictly enforced and hence, customers are recommended to purchase in their country of origin, an insurance policy that may protect them from this possibility.

REFUNDS : These will always be processed by the selling agency at the end of the trip. No amount will be refunded for services that have not been used voluntarily by the traveler. Complaints will be accepted in writing and with the submission of unused service coupons and/or vouchers and/or a certification from the provider of these products, with the understanding that these must be submitted within thirty days following by the final date of the services.

COMPLAINTS : For the resolution of all complaints that may be filed due to any cause, both the traveler and the Coordinator submit expressly to the jurisdiction of the local courts, waiving their right to any other jurisdiction. The act of registering to take part in any of the trips contained in this brochure entails full conformity with each and every one of the general conditions set forth.

LUGGAGE : Every trip will include transportation of luggage up to a maximum of 20 kilos per person, distributed in one normal-size suitcase, plus a carry-on bag. Excess luggage will be accepted provided that the load capacity of the vehicle, yacht, floating hotel and/or any other means of transportation, will allow it, with the payment of a determined amount, and may be prohibited, according to the tour guide's judgment. It is clear that the ultimate decision will be made by the tour guide or the vehicle's driver, in the absence of a tour guide.

The luggage is not subject matter of the transportation contract, being understood, for all effects, that the travelers will keep it always with them, wherever it is placed within the vehicle and which is transported by the traveler's own account and risk, without the Coordinator being liable to respond contractually to the loss or damage that the luggage may suffer due to any cause. It is recommended to include within the Travel Insurance, the eventual loss and/or deterioration of the suitcase and/or its content.

DOCUMENTATION : Every traveler is responsible for carrying a valid passport and for having met all of the necessary entry requirements. The coordinator waives any liability in the event that entry is refused by any authority, as a result of the traveler lacking of any of the necessary requirements or carrying a faulty passport, and the traveler will be responsible for any resulting costs, and in these circumstances, the conditions established for the voluntary cancellation and rejection of the services will apply.

VARIATIONS : The service providers reserve the right to alter the travel itinerary or the listed hotels if it were indispensable for ensuring a better organization thereof or if any instance of force majeure and/or any unforeseen accidents would necessitate such a change. In the event that at the customers clear request, the tour provider agrees to make any modification to the tour, the travelers shall pay the all expenses incurred by the requested change, as well as the costs of the services that they may request in order to travel the new chosen route, with the clear understanding that the decision about such variations will be made by to the tour guide or the vehicle driver, in the absence of a tour guide.

The Company waives any liability due to delays, early arrivals or cancellations made by the airlines, transportation companies, or the operating companies in Galapagos, the Amazon region and/or special packages; the costs of which must be borne by the customers.

If because of the fact that an excursion does not have the minimum number of expected travelers or due to any other justified cause, the Coordinator would be forced to suspend any of the trips, the registered customers will have no rights beyond the total refund of the amount already paid, with an express waiver of any claims.
In the event that any of the group members, due to their behavior, and according to the tour guide's judgment, would behave in any inappropriate way and obviously disturb the rest of the group members, the host will have the full authority to demand that said individual abandon the trip. The Agency's sole obligation will be to provide a proportional refund for the remainder of the trip. Customers who voluntarily decide not to use any service included in the program, will have no right to demand a refund for the services voluntarily refused.

The programming of this brochure is valid according to the dates set in each case, and is binding for the Organizing Agency during that period. Nevertheless, any changes made to that information will be valid once it has been communicated to the customer prior to the execution of the contract; or if the modifications have been agreed upon by the contracting parties.

RESPONSIBILITIES : The Coordinator clearly states that he/she works as an intermediary between the travelers and the entities or people hired to provide the services listed in the itinerary, namely, transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, etc., therefore, he/she waives any liability for deficiencies in any of the services rendered, as well as for any damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularity that may occur during the performance of the services provided to the people who travel by their own will, including their luggage and other objects belonging to them. Whenever the transportation is carried out in their own vehicles rented by the Coordinator, the travelers expressly submit to the legislation concerning accidents on the country's highways, waiving strictly any right that may concern them, by virtue of which the compensation will be paid to the interested parties, beneficiaries or their legal representatives in the country where the vehicle has been registered and strictly in the legal currency thereof. The payment of any possible compensation, in the event of an accident, will correspond only to the insurance companies, and any liability on the part of third parties, such as airlines, water transportation companies, operating companies, etc is excluded.

The airlines that participate in these tours will not be considered liable for any action, omission or irregularities that may occur during the time in which the passengers are not on board their airplanes or during the transportation performed by them. The airline ticket will represent the only commitment between the airline and the purchaser of those tours and/or the passenger.

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