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Momopeho's ECUADOR 2008: the sun's route country

PACHAMAMA: 13 days - 12 nights
EQUINOX: 9 days -8 nights
THREE PEARLS: 8 days - 7 nights
VOLCANOES & PLANES: 6 days - 5 nights
AMAZONIA ADVENTURE: 7 days - 6 nights
MOUNTAIN & SEA: 4 days - 3 nights
CUE- SOUTH´S CIRCUIT: 3 days - 2 nights
CUE- VALDIVIA: 6 days - 5 nights
CUE- TRANSANDEAN 6 days - 5 nights
CUE- ATAHUALPA 10 days - 9 nights
GYE- MORLACO: 3 days - 2 nights
GYE- SUN´S ROUTE: 5 days - 4 nights
GYE- TAITA: 5 days - 4 nights


Everybody knows that Galapagos is beautifull over water. Just a few have discovered how impressive is underwater. Perhaps one of the best places around the world. No dubt!



As one of the first hotels at Galapagos we have a Diving Center working in coordination with german agency Extradivers. This is our way to invite you to know the beautifull submarine world unique around the world.

PRICES INCLUDE: breakfast minibuffet, accommodation, transfers and visit to Charles Darwin Station, 2 inmersions daily.

DIVING SITES: Academy Bay, Floreana, Santa Fe, Gordon Rocks, Seymour Island, Cousin, Bartolome, Daphne, Mosquera.

Program 5 days - 4 nights with 3 days diving (*)
Aditional day diving: accommodation + Diving + breakfast
(*) Not included equipment rental $USA 90 (5days) $USA 30 (Aditional day), Air ticket, Admission, TCT


CHOOSE HOTEL: 4 days – 3 nights


  • •  transfers airport (Baltra) - hotel - airport
  • •  4 days - 3 nights of accommodation
  • •  breakfasts
  • •  Excursion Highlands Santa Cruz I. / Charles Darwin Station
  • •  4 inmersions “Scuba Diving” with lunch (2 daily)
  • • Hotel Taxes
  • • Full diving equipment
  • •  Specialized guides “dive master”
  • •  Marine transportation
































Not included: Air ticket, Admission, TCT, personal expenses, additional foods, drinks, tips, etc. IMPORTANT: Diving Licence required for each passenger. NOT WARRANTIED diving sites because depends of climate anf park regulations.



All our Dive Masters and Instructors are PADI Trained and Certified. Divers must fill out PADI's Liability Release, and must have all diving credentials of at least Open Water Diver.

5 DAYS - 4 NIGHTS PACKAGE (Wed to Sun).- An underwater program designed for divers that want to experience the beauty of the Galápagos Marine Reserve. Highlights: North Seymour, Daphne Minor, and the always amazing Gordon Rocks. Right on Santa Cruz, a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station has been planned; this is the home of the captive-rearing program for the famous giant tortoises. Full scuba gear provided. What's Included :

  • 4 nights accommodations
  • 6 dives + 1 Check Out Dive
  • Full meal plan (breakfast and dinner at Finch Bay; box lunch at dive boat)
  • All transfers
  • Complimentary visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Complete scuba equipment, divemaster and/or instructor
  • Dive sites (plus, number of dives per site): North Seymour (2), Daphne Minor (1), Mosquera Islet (1), and Gordon Rocks (2).

8 DAYS - 7 NIGHTS PACKAGE (Wed to Wed - Sun to Sun).- A comprehensive underwater experience designed for the adventurous diver. Most dive sites within the central islands are included, making this package a complete winner. Highlights: North Seymour, Daphne Minor, Cousins Rock, and the always amazing Gordon Rocks. Right on Santa Cruz, a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station has been planned; this is the home of the captive-rearing program for the famous giant tortoises. Full scuba gear provided. What's Included:

  • 7 nights accommodations
  • 12 dives + 1 Check Out Dive
  • Full meal plan (breakfast and dinner at Finch Bay; box lunch at dive boat)
  • All transfers
  • Complimentary visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Complete scuba equipment, divemaster and/or instructor
  • Dive sites (plus, number of dives per site): Santa Fe (2), North Seymour (2), Daphne Minor (2), Mosquera Islet (2), Gordon Rocks (2), and Cousins Rock (2) or Floreana (2).

Not included: Air ticket, Admission, TCT / personal expenses / drinks / tips. Note: Dive sites may be changes due weather conditions and/or park authorities.


We have great dive sites for beginners, intermediate and experienced divers, although the best dive sites are usually the most difficult ones, with significant to strong currents near vertical walls. Most of our diving is drift diving, so the Dive Masters skills play an important role. Beginners can start at the easier places and proceed to the more difficult ones always led by our Dive Masters or instructors. In all our dives our Dive Masters will be actually diving in the water with guests. Another important aspect of the Dive Masters skills is that, although there is a decompression chamber on the islands, the Dive Masters duty is to guarantee that, to a reasonable extent, everybody is on the safe side.

The Dives.- Each dive is one tank. We use aluminum tanks with 3000 psi /207 bar - all tanks have the international connection system - if passengers want to use their own regulator with DIN system they have to bring their own adapter. The bottom time depends on each passengers air consumption. All dives are in-between 15 and 25 meters because this is where you encounter most of the marine life in the Galápagos. Maximum depth for our dives is 30 meters.

Equipment.- Our daily dive trip rates always include complete SCUBA gear. Diver can decide whether they want to use our equipment or bring their own.

Where and when.- All day trips leaves from Pto. Ayora, Santa Cruz Island. We normally depart around 8:30 AM and, depending on the navigation distance to each site, we will come back approximately at 4:30 PM.

What is included.- Full SCUBA gear (full 6 mm wetsuit, jacket type BCD with power inflators, regulator with octopus, pressure gauge and depth gauge, mask, snorkel, fins and booties) , 2 boat dives in small groups, Dive Master diving in the water with guests (max. Dive Master to diver ratio 1:6), transfers to/from Puerto Ayora and dive sites, drinking water, basic snacks. Our programs outside the Academy Bay also include box lunch.

Information required before confirming a daily diving tour.- Safety comes first and therefore we require the following information about each guest's dive experience in order to make the program that fits with your skills and interests:

  1. What type of divers license (level and training agency)
  2. How many dives
  3. Date of last dive
  4. Experience with drift and wall diving
  5. Experience with diving in cold water and with 6mm wet suit
  6. What would the customer like to see in the Galápagos

With this information we can put together the program and the customer is off to experience one of the most fantastic dive adventures.

Open Water Certification.- Our facility is also capable of offering your passport to the enjoyment of diving. Become fully certified in the Galápagos Islands and receive the best training, next to the healthiest marine life of this planet. Detailed theory, pool work and first open water dives included. The internationally-recognized PADI certification card never expires. Open Water Certification: US $350.

Continuous Education.- For the diving enthusiast, Galápagos is the greatest location to continue pursuing your diving career. Due to the islands' unique conditions, training not only happens under natural circumstances, but the encounters with marine wildlife are just endless. These courses help divers learn new skills while pursuing individual interests. Specialty Courses currently offered:

  • Advanced Diver: US $350
  • Rescue Diver: US $250
  • Dive Master: US $800
  • EFR: US $150

Discover Scuba Diving.- PADI's addition to the underwater options can show the non-diver (yet!) the amazing world of underwater discovery. This introduction to scuba diving invites participants to learn the basics about diving, both in theory, practice, and pool work, to ultimately enter the waters of the Galápagos. Starting age is 10 years, and a minimum of 3 participants is required. Chances are you will want to become a scuba diver right away. Net price: US $120 per person.




Day 1: Arrival and hotel check in. The afternoon is a good opportunity to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station's visitor center with its educational displays and giant tortoise-breeding center. Later, prepare scuba gear for the next day's dive.
Day 2: Breakfast, 2 dives at Seymour, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 3: Breakfast, 2 dives at Beagle, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 4: Breakfast, 2 dives at Cousins, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 5: Breakfast, 2 dives at Gordon, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 6: Breakfast, 2 dives at Floreana, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 7: Breakfast, 2 dives at Pinzon / Guy Fawkes , lunch, return to dive center.
Day 8: Breakfast, hotel checkout.


Day 1: Arrival and hotel check in. Santa Cruz highlands tour.
Day 2: Breakfast, 2 dives at Floreana Island, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 3: Breakfast, 2 dives at Gordon Rocks, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 4: Breakfast, 2 dives at Seymour, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 5: Breakfast, hotel checkout.


Day 1: Arrival and hotel check in. Santa Cruz highlands tour.
Day 2: Breakfast, 2 dives at Seymour, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 3: Breakfast, 2 dives at Gordon Rocks, lunch, return to dive center.
Day 4: Breakfast, hotel checkout.


8 D - 7 N
5 D - 4 N
4 D -3 N
Red Booby
without accommodation

INCLUDE: accommodation, breakfast at hotel, snack and lunch on daily dive tours (except Academy bay) lunch, complete scuba gear, dive boat, PADI divemaster guides, and dives. Not included: flight tickets, National Park entrance fee, TCT, Airport transfers, Personal expenses and tips.


The Galapagos Marine Reserve is the second largest marine reserve in the world and, due to the convergence of cold and warm currents, hosts a myriad of life for you to enjoy. The underwater world of Galapagos voted best diving in 2000 by Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine and is one of the last places where you can dive with large schools of sharks! Let us be your guide as you explore these internationally acclaimed waters. Our tours offer first-class Galapagos diving, food, and accomodation at a lower price than the Galapaogs live-aboard scuba yachts. Discover the best in Galapagos at an affordable price. With over 500 species of fish in the islands, 17% of which are endemic, there is a lot to see under the sea. At each of our dive sites you have excellent chances of seeing a variety of invertebrates, reef fish, eels, rays, sea turtles, and sharks along with their respective behaviors. What are you waiting for? We offer daily trips to the central island destinations (trips depart at 7am). We use only the best dive technology and 7mm wetsuits to keep you comfortable as you encounter thermoclines. Prices listed include all equipment, dive boat, Dive Master Guides, a snack onboard, lunch and clean towel. DIVING SITES – DESCRIPTION.- This DIVING SITES are in order from easier to specialized. Academy Bay is the easiest of all.

ACADEMY BAY.- $USA 110 P/P.- This is the bay of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island with 5 dive sites all within 20 minutes from our base by boat. Three of the sites are generally calm with little current; ideal for students or novices. At the other two sties, the dives could be a little more complicated if there is a current so they are suitable for intermediate or expert divers. Frolic with sea lions or listen as the damselfish munches away at its algae farm. You may also see marine iguanas, rays, and even sharks all just outside your hotel's door! Trip duration: 4-5 hour.

SANTA FE I.- $USA 150 P/P.- This island is a solid structure of basaltic lava rocks about an hour away from our base. The 4 dive sites here generally have excellent visibility and mild currents, making these sites ideal for novices. At the same time, the animals and topography (including a spectacular arch) make them interesting for intermediates and experts. We can see stingrays, eagle rays, garden eels, turtles, sea lion colonies, morays, pelagic fish, and maybe white tip reef sharks and/or hammerhead sharks. Trip duration: 7-8 hours.

BEAGLE ROCKS $USA 155 P/P.- These are 3 exposed rocks located south of Santiago Island, about 1h30's cruise from Itabaca channel. This beginner/intermediate dive site starts on a 12 meters deep platform and leads to a wall, covered with black coral and sea fans, that drops to more than 60 meters. Pelagic species that can be observed include hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, mantas during the hot season, small rays, turtles and sea lions.

PINZON $USA 155 P/P.- The small island of Pinzon is located on the west side of Santa Cruz Island, about 1h30's cruise away from our base. This beginner/intermediate dive site is on the east side where 2 tower-shaped rocks emerge. A wall covered in black coral drops to 10 meters and from there it's a sandy slope that drops to more than 50 meters. Species commonly observed include the red lipped bat fish, sea horses, sting rays, turtles and white tip reef sharks. Trip duration: 8-9 hours.

FLOREANA I. $USA 155 P/P.- The island of Floreana is about 90 minutes south from our dive base. There are 9 dive sites here with generally calm waters. On the occasion that we do find strong currents, we can quickly move to another site, which makes Floreana ideal for all levels of divers. This site is one of the best in the central islands to see significant coral colonies, such as pebble coral and endemic black coral. You might encounter baby birds as they make unsuccessful attempts learning to fly. You may look on as barberfish clean sea turtles of parasites. Floreana is also one of the best sites to dive with sea lions. If if that isn't enough there is the enticing gauntlet of sea horses, stingrays, eagle rays, turtles, long nose hawkfish, barracudas, pelagic fish, white tip reef sharks, Galapagos sharks, and hammerhead sharks. Trip duration: 8-9 hours.

COUSINS ROCK $USA 155 P/P.- An islet with a wall dropping from the surface into the deepest depths, Cousins Rock is home to a big area of sloping rock plates known as a "Planchonal" about two hours from our base. There can be strong currents here that separate the productive and unproductive sides of the dive site. Cousins is full of spectacular endemic young black corals and other sightings may include frogfish, fur seals, sea turtles, sea horses, and usually, hammerhead sharks. Trip duration 8-9 hours.

DAPHNE $USA 155 P/P.- This is an isolated offshore tuff cone with vertical walls all around it about one hour from our dive base. The main dive site is a shelf of boulders at about 60 feet and the diving can be difficult depending on the currents and surge. We usually see many Galapagos sharks here, some schools of pelagic fish, and multicolored sponges on the rock wall.

GUY FAWKES $USA 155 P/P.- These 4 islets are located on the northwest side of Santa Cruz Island, about 1h15's cruise from Itabaca channel. In general the ocean bottom descends in slopes, some almost vertical. The walls of the islets are eroded, full of cavities in some parts, and big rocks covered in black coral in others. At this intermediate site divers can observe pelagic species such as Galapagos sharks, white tip reef sharks, turtles, and a wide variety of reef fish and sea lions.

SEYMOUR $USA 155 P/P.- North Seymour is an uplifted island of lava flow about 90 minutes north of our dive base. There are 5 dive sites suitable for all levels of divers, although sometimes the currents can be strong. These sites have the most different species per square foot of sandy bottom. We can see cleaning behavior, a large garden eel colony, sea turtles, sea lions, fur seals, eagle rays, yellow-tailed grunts, big-eyed jack, and frequently white tip reef sharks and hammerheads. Occasionally, Galapagos sharks can also be seen here. Trip duration: 8-9 hours.

GORDON ROCKS $USA 150 P/P.- Minimun experience required: 30 certifyied divings. This tuff cone formation is a world famous dive site about one hour from our base. There are 4 dive sites in the area, but only two are for novices. The other two sites are for intermediates and experts because there can be strong currents and surge. The Gordon Rocks dive sites are mostly walls with a deep bottom. Blend in and blow few bubbles and you may be blessed with a hammerhead sighting! Hammerhead sharks are the main attraction of Gordon Rocks, where they often conglomerate in large schools. You won't be able to stop looking at this aquarium as you're likely to also see reef fish, large pelagic fish, golden rays, stingrays, eagle rays, turtles, morays. Trip Duration: 7-8 hours.

NIGHT DIVE $USA 110.- (One diving).- Experience the wonder of diving in the dark! Our night dives are in Academy Bay and include all the necessary night equipment. You may see various species of invertebrates (such as sea cucumbers) and fish that only come out at night. During the ride back to town, you'll watch as bioluminescence sparkles on the boat's wake. Only for intermediates and experts.


Receive an personal introduction regarding equipment and learn about what to spect under water and what to do in order to get a safe diving. Your instructor will help you to prepare yourself to do this and will be with you all the time you are in water. All you need is a good healt condition, to swim and a little bit of faith in yourself. We offer two options:

Option #1: US $150 P/P (*) At Academy Bay. OFFICIAL INTRODUCTION TO PADI. 08h00 Check of equipment. 09H00 practice at pool. 14h00 departure ti diving site. 14h30 Punta Estrada. 15h00 Briefing and inmersion at La Lobería or Punta Estrada, depending of conditions. 16h00 Biefring and opctonal Snorkel. 16h30 Return to Puerto Ayora. Note: Not included lunch.

Option #2: US $125 P/P (*) In conjunction of Certifyed divers (Only at Academy Bay, Santa Fe or Seymour). Day 1 Looking to a Instrcution Video for the correct equipment manage Día 2 07h00 Meeting at the Dive Center, general briefing. 07h15 Departure to diving site. 09h00 Snorkel (During the first inmersion of certifyed divers, depending of sea conditions) 10h00 Diving introductory (during the surface time) 11h30 Snorkel (During the second inmersion of certifyed divers, depending of sea conditions). 13H00 lunch 15h30 return to Puerto Ayora.

(*) ADD $USA 15 P/PAX (TOTAL, FOR RESERVATION) as reservation fee.


OUR SERVICE.- * A detailed briefing will be done after each inmersion and for new passengers will check our equipment in a tranquil zone. Guides are locals, trained in the dive's center and with at least 3 years of experience. One! guide will be provided for each 4 or 5 passengers, depending the level of divers. For introduction inmersions the deep will be of 12mt / 40 feet and is a must that each new diver be accompanied by a guide.

* Deep and time of inmersion are planed acording to PADI regulations and depends of the experience of divers. Inmersion's deep vary from 15mt (50 feet) and 30mt (100 feet), maximun time of inmersion will be 1 hour and at surface also 1 hour.

* Each diver will have to present his Certification paper for diving (PADI, NAUI, SSI, ACUC, DIVA, CMAS, FEDAS, YMCA, DEWA, ETC...) and his diving book. Will also have to sign a Non responsability action against Operator and express asumption of personal risk. For under age passengers will have to sign their parents or responsibles (The minimum age to dive is 12 years).

* For recreative diving is necesary to be in goog healt conditions and to be free of the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Passengers declaring some healt problem must present a valid Medical Certificate allowing to practice this sport.

* Daily tours include 2 inmersions (except introductory and night), full diving equipment (BCD, regulator, wet suite 7mm, boots, gloves, mask, snorkle, weight's belt, tanks, and flash light (If at night), transportation to/from diving sites, certifyed guides, towel, snack, drinks, lunch (except tours at Academy Bay and at night).

* Yacht complies with all security regulations requested by Ecuadorian Navy and in addition a first aid kid, including 2 oxygen tanqs (1 hour duration). We are afiliated to the Hyperbaric Chamber and passengers are coverd at 80% in case of some diving accident.

RESERVATIONS.- Request (By mail or fax) will be valid up to 3 days. Availability will be send also using e-mail or fax in conjuction with a Reservation Form to be filled up in full for each passenger.

PAYMENT.- Once a reservation is confirmed is a must to receive payment inmediately in full (100%). Bill will be issued 30 days later of service date.

CANCELLATIONS.- Once received any payment it is NOT refundable for any reason.


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